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Designation: Highbar.
Affiliation: Autobot.
Alternate Mode: Too young.
Weapons: None.
Personality: Curious, intelligent and level-headed, Highbar would rather play with complicated puzzles and experiments than play like a Sparkling should. If given orders from his mother, Crossfire, or other Autobot adults, he will obey them without hesitation.
Background: Created in an unknown dimension, Highbar was the result of an experiment Decepticons performed on his mother, Crossfire. After being rescued himself from the Decepticons, he received the proper care that a newly-created Sparkling deserved from Crossfire with Ratchet's assistance. Being too young to understand why he didn't have a father, he never understood why Crossfire seemed saddened most of the time. It wasn't until his second upgrade that he learned that his father was a Decepticon who never wanted him.

[This is a Role Play Journal for the original character Highbar for Generation One and Michael Bay Transformers movies. No copyright infringement is intended from the use of this journal.]
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